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Pekka joins the EISCAT council

The Academy of Finland has named Pekka Verronen into its EISCAT Council delegation as a scientific representative for the year 2021. The EISCAT Council is the governing body of EISCAT Scientific Association and has an overall responsibility for the activities of the Association. More on the EISCAT council.

CHAMOS workshop held in Zoomlandia

This year the CHAMOS Workshop is held as a series of zoomcons between October 2020 and March 2021. Organized by the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, we gathered to discuss CHAMOS science and our collaboration projects, including new instrument funding for scanning doppler imagers, recent work on SH ozone, and the results of ESA Deadalus Phase 0 project.

ISSI team meeting in Bern

International Space Science Institute in Bern hosted and funded our first meeting of the Space Weather Induced Ionisation Effects on the Ozone Layer project on 3-7 February, 2020 . Antti leads the project and Jia, Annika, Niilo, and Pekka are also in the team. Overall, ISSI funding covers two one-week meetings in Bern for the whole team and two young scientists. Thanks to the team for a productive week! Project web page is here

New aurora form discovered: the Dunes!

Maxime and Pekka worked in a research team that identified a new form of aurora. Originally found by citizen scientists, we contributed to the analysis and interpretation of the discovered Dunes and related upper atmospheric phenomena. A press release from University of Helsinki is here.

SGO Observatory Days

The CHAMOS team participated heavily in the SGO Observatory Days, presenting our ionospheric and atmospheric research. The meeting web page is here.

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