Funding timeline



  • Geomagnetic Excursions/Reversals: Assessment of Climate Impacts in Silico (GERACLIS, Academy of Finland)
  • HPC approach to Ionospheric Situational Awareness (HISSA, Academy of Finland)
  • Auroral Energetic and Relativistic particle precipitation: Global Energy input and Local Chemical effects in the High-latitude atmosphere (AERGELC'H, Academy of Finland)
  • ICT Solutions to Understand Variability of Arctic Climate (SUNVAC, Academy of Finland)


  • Which Types of Particle Precipitation Matter in the Middle Atmosphere (NRCEPP, Norwegian Research Council)
  • Mesospheric Monitoring of Ozone (MeMO, Thule Institute, University of Oulu)
  • Sun-Earth Connection Through Ion Chemistry (SECTIC, Academy of Finland)
  • Next generation, ground-based EPP monitors (RLAB, Regional Development Fund, European Union)
  • Satellite TV-based Ozone and OH Observations using Radiometic Measurements (STO3RM, National Environmental Research Council, UK)
  • Climate and Solar Particle Forcing (CLASP, Academy of Finland)
  • NOx and HOx production by energetic electrons and impacts on polar stratospheric ozone (NOHO, National Environmental Research Council, UK)
  • Quantifying Energetic Particle Precipitation into the Atmosphere (QEPPA, National Environmental Research Council, UK)
  • Towards a more complete assessment of the impact of solar variability on the Earth's climate (COST Action ES1005 TOSCA, European Union)
  • Evaluating the Impact of Excess Ionization on the Atmosphere (EI EI A, New Zealand Marsden Fund)
  • A new, ground based data-assimilative modeling of the Earth's plasmasphere - a critical contribution to Radiation Belt modeling for Space Weather purposes (PLASMON, European Union FP7)
  • Significance of Energetic Electron Precipitation to Odd Hydrogen, Ozone, and Climate (SPOC, Academy of Finland).
  • Negative Ion Chemistry Effects in mesospheric active heating experiments (NICE, Academy of Finland).
  • Thermosphere and Mesosphere Affecting the Stratosphere (THERMES, Academy of Finland).
  • Variability of Solar Energetic Radiation and CHemical Aeronomy of the Mesosphere (SERCHAM, Academy of Finland)
  • Middle Atmosphere Interaction with the Sun and the Troposphere (MAIST, Academy of Finland).
  • Chemical Aeronomy in the Mesosphere and Ozone in the stratosphere (CHAMOS, Academy of Finland)